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SLT Stories: Making a change

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SLT Stories: Making a change

What a complete whirlwind of a time. Suddenly, the morning commute is no longer maneuvering through morning rush hour traffic, but rather a quick journey to a desk mere metres from bed.

The last few weeks have been a crash course in telehealth (virtual speech and language therapy sessions), as the nation reels from the COVID-19 pandemic.
We’ve all had to make some rather large adjustments, especially in the case of our Speech and Language Therapists, who have had to make a big move from face to face therapy sessions to telehealth...

“It's been challenging adjusting to new ways of working, but I've had instant support from other team members to help me along the way. It's been really nice to have more parent contact than we would usually when working with schools, and to feel their gratitude for the continuation of our service.”
“To help adapt to these changes, first and foremost, I've made sure I've got the comfiest chair in the house (as I'm sat on it 9-5!) I've thrown off any inhibitions about asking questions about the new ways of working, as finding out this information I don't know is going to allow me to do my job better. I've been making sure I make most of my free time, getting out in the sun, exercising and catching up with friends and family (via FaceTime of course!)”

Helena Parkes, Speech and Language Therapist

By April 10th we had already seen 394 families take up telehealth and this number has just continued to grow since.

While some may have initially been skeptical of the benefits of virtual sessions, our therapists have proven how powerful these can be. They have come up with new creative ways to keep children engaged during sessions conducted over video call.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech and language, and feel telehealth could be of benefit, contact us on 0113 240 8510 or for more information.

These really are strange and confusing times, so from our family to yours, stay home, stay safe and take care.

ChatterBug Speech and Language Therapy Team

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