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My SLT Career: ChatterBug Student Placement

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My SLT Career: ChatterBug Student Placement

Child having therapy through telehealth
“During my 8 weeks at ChatterBug I have had so many opportunities to develop my confidence right from the start. I was able to pick up ideas that I would use in the future even from the first day!”

At ChatterBug we have had the pleasure of providing placements for third year Speech and Language Therapy students. During this time, SLT students have engaged with children via our Telehealth service; using an online secure platform to conduct video call sessions. Student Eve Wichelow has been kind enough to give us an insight into her placement experience. 

“Before starting I was apprehensive about how the Speech and Language therapy would work via telehealth, however it has run so smoothly for me and I have found it really straight forward to navigate."

As part of her placement, Eve did a mixture of shadowing (i.e. observing) SLTs as they carried out assessments, therapy sessions and parent/staff coaching; planning and carrying out her own assessments and therapy sessions with the children while the SLT observed; as well as collaborating with the SLT to deliver assessment and therapy sessions.
This included completing any admin tasks required, such as updating case notes for the children she worked with. 

“I have been able to develop my case note and report writing skills, and feel that I have developed a good structure that I can use in the future. I now have more of an idea of what to include and what may be important to record, whereas at the start I either wrote too much about things that may not have been relevant or written too little and missed out key information.
I feel like I have developed my confidence massively whilst at ChatterBug. It has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and try new things, applying my knowledge to the real world. 
I am really grateful to ChatterBug for allowing me to complete my first placement with them. From my experience ChatterBug has a lovely community of people working for them and they all care about each other and their wellbeing, not just in a professional way.”

If you’re a Speech and Language Therapy student wanting to know more about what you can expect from your new career, you can check out our NQP information session here.

We’d like to wish Eve and all aspiring SLT’s the best of luck in their studies!

If you're interested in starting your career as an SLT with ChatterBug, send your CV in to us at
Eve Wichelow - SLT Student



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