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20th November 2020

Mental Health and the Impact Lockdown is Having on SLCN Students

This year has been mentally tough on the majority of people and children with the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions has […]
12th November 2020
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Training Course: How to Support Children with Development Language Disorder

Development Language Disorder (DLD) is a speech, language, and communication need (SLCN). Having DLD means that an individual has significant, ongoing difficulties with understanding or using […]
30th October 2020

5 Tips to Help Your Child’s Stammer

If your child has a stammer, it is natural to be worried about whether it will affect their quality of life and their ability to learn. […]
22nd October 2020

Meet Amraiz – Our Marketing Lead with a Stammer

At ChatterBug, we know Amraiz as the confident Marketing Lead, cracking jokes in the office, but he’s not always felt this way. You would never imagine […]