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22nd October 2020

Meet Amraiz – Our Marketing Lead with a Stammer

At ChatterBug, we know Amraiz as the confident Marketing Lead, cracking jokes in the office, but he’s not always felt this way. You would never imagine […]
16th October 2020

A School’s Guide to ChatterBug’s Speech and Language Therapy Services

At ChatterBug, we provide speech and language therapy interventions and support to schools through a variety of expert led services. We continue to seek ways in […]
13th October 2020

Online Telehealth Speech and Language Therapy: What is it and Where to Begin?

Speech development plays such an important part in a child’s ability to learn and grow. Individuals with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) can face many […]
21st September 2020

How important is an adult’s role in developing a child’s communication?

The ability to communicate effectively has a major impact on a child’s happiness and how well they can learn. Communication also helps children to build friendships […]