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30th August 2019
Back to school - Chatterbug

How to support your child going back to school

The back-to-school period can be difficult for children with speech and language difficulties. Here’s how parents and guardians can provide them with the support they need. […]
28th June 2019
Music therapy -chatterbugs Leeds

How can music help with speech development?

Singing and music can be incredibly useful tools when it comes to helping a child with their speech and language development. Find out how here. Music […]
28th May 2019
Chatterbug - Autism

How does autism affect a child’s speech?

Autism spectrum disorders can have a range of effects, some of which are to do with speech and language. Find out more here. Autism spectrum disorders […]
27th March 2019
Speech sound disorder - chatterbug

What is a speech sound disorder?

If you’re worried about your child mispronouncing certain words and sounds, it’s possible they may have a speech sound disorder. But what does this mean? Find […]