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30th January 2019

Who is Asma Khanum at ChatterBug?

There are very few people who are as passionate about speech therapy as Asma Khanum. The managing director of Chatterbug Speech and Language Therapy Services, has a very unique journey into speech therapy.
28th November 2018
Speech Therapy - Chatterbug

What is SLCN?

You might have seen the letters ‘SLCN’ used when referring to your child, or when researching their needs. But what do they actually mean? Find out […]
1st October 2018
Chatterbug Speech Language Therapy

How to support SEN children with Language development.

It’s tough out there for teachers right now. Politics aside, classroom planning, work marking and managing a class full of young students is hard work! We […]
8th May 2018

Using short videos to develop storytelling skills

As part of our work in schools we run a number of narrative groups to focus on storytelling skills. I found that as the weeks went […]