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ChatterBug Constitution

ChatterBug Limited is an independent provider of Speech and Language Therapy Services. We are a social enterprise and are passionate about providing a high quality service.

The ChatterBug constitution has been created in collaboration with all staff. It represents the qualities and values that we believe create a harmonious working environment and help us to provide the best level of service to all of our clients.

Our Ethos and values are crucial to the success of our organisation. We expect all staff to maintain and emulate these ethos and values when representing ChatterBug in every capacity.
  • We are passionate about learning and continuous self development; we understand that our work is never done and that we are always learning
  • We are respectful, accepting and we celebrate differences
  • We are open to change and understand that this is an ever changing environment
  • We take responsibility for our own learning and development and encourage others to do so by seeking and sharing knowledge
  • We have a culture of contribution, commitment and responsibility. We take pride in everything we do
  • We value laughing and eating together and believe this helps us to grow and stay together
  • We create a comfortable, enjoyable, positive and supportive atmosphere in which colleagues can grow to understand and trust each other
  • We conduct our affairs in a professional, diligent and transparent manner
  • We treat all colleagues and clients with the same high standards one expects to receive. We are honest, courteous, approachable and do what is promised
  • We are loyal to the organisation and our colleagues. We ensure we represent ourselves in a mannerthat gains respect from colleagues and clients alike
  • We see a problem as an opportunity and approach our work with a solution focused attitude
  • We understand our boundaries and limitations and know when to take initiative and when to seek support
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