New Starter FAQs – ChatterBug

New Starter FAQs



This is a working document which is to be updated to incorporate FAQ’s raised by new employees of ChatterBug. If you have a question which is not included within this document, please email detailing your question and this document will then be updated to answer your questions.
1When do we get paid?
Employees are paid on or before the 20th of each month. If the 20th lands on a bank holiday or a weekend then you will be paid via BACS the last working day before the 20th. (Example: 20th June 2020 lands on a Saturday therefore you would be paid on Friday 19th June 2020)
2What is the cut off date for being paid wages?
The cut off date for new starters to be paid is the 6th of each month. Any new starters starting after 6th of a month would get paid the following month. This is subject to the new starter having completed and provided all of the relevant details needed by HR in order to complete the setup of the said new starter. This includes having provided all bank details for payment to be made, proof of identification (Photo ID and proof of current address), NI number and a P45 or new starter Form (Previously known as the P60).
3What is the cut off date for wage deduction? (e.g. sickness)
There is no cut off for deductions. If you are absent from work on the 19th of a month this may be deducted from your wages due to be paid the next working day.
4How many holidays do we get? (pro-rata)
All employees receive 28 days holiday based on full-time working.
5When does the holiday entitlement run from and until?
Holidays run from January to December, meaning they are renewed every January.
6How much notice do I need to give to book annual leave?
Generally speaking two weeks notice is required to book annual leave. However, ChatterBug reserves the right to ask for additional notice for popular periods, such as Christmas and the summer holidays.
7How do I book annual leave?
All employees will be signed up to BrightHR, which is an online HR management tool. All annual leave requests are to be raised, accepted and tracked using this online platform. You will be given a login to BrightHR upon commencement of employment.
8What do we do about toll payments for Runcorn bridge? (Halton employees)
Runcorn or Widnes residents get a free pass for the bridge. If you are a Runcorn or Widnes resident but do not hold a pass you can apply to Halton council. If you do not live in these areas you can get a sensor pass which you top up online. Unnecessary crossing of the bridge would need to be funded directly by yourself but if agreed by the business the cost will be reimbursed.
9What mileage do we get paid?
Mileage claims and time allowed is based on motor vehicles and is paid at 23p per mile.
10Where do we get paid mileage to and from?
Mileage is paid for approved travel for business purposes excluding travel to and from work see travel policy for guidance.
11How long to I have to submit mileage claims?
You can only claim mileage form 2 months of the date of travel.
12How do I claim back mileage?
You must complete a mileage claim form available on templates.
13What are the term dates? (Term-time staff)
All term-time contracts are based on whole weeks i.e. 38, 39 or 40 weeks. You work entire weeks and all days are working days within term-time, regardless of the client activity i.e. training/inset days with the exception of public holidays. Term dates can vary depending on your location and will be published on the intranet.
14How do I apply for unpaid leave if I want to be off during term time (and what circumstances might it be agreed for) and how much notice do I need to give? (Term-time Staff)
Term time staff have no holiday entitlement as their salary includes the money value for the holiday accrue based on their contractual working weeks and hours. Any time granted off during term-time would be unpaid, which can affect your holiday entitlement.