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21st August 2020

5 Tips to help create a Communication-Friendly environment

For anyone who struggles with speech and communication, being in a space where you can feel relaxed, confident and without fear of judgement is really important. […]
28th June 2019
Music therapy -chatterbugs Leeds

How can music help with speech development?

Singing and music can be incredibly useful tools when it comes to helping a child with their speech and language development. Find out how here. Music […]
28th May 2019
Chatterbug - Autism

How does autism affect a child’s speech?

Autism spectrum disorders can have a range of effects, some of which are to do with speech and language. Find out more here. Autism spectrum disorders […]
1st October 2018
Chatterbug Speech Language Therapy

How to support SEN children with Language development.

It’s tough out there for teachers right now. Politics aside, classroom planning, work marking and managing a class full of young students is hard work! We […]