Chat n Bop

Want to help your child develop communication skills in a fun and engaging way? Then Chat n Bop is the group for you!

Chat n Bop is a fun and engaging musical group for parents and children aged designed by Specialist Speech and Language Therapists. This highly interactive group uses the medium of music, singing and storytelling to teach the fundamentals skills required for developing good communication skills and building confidence.

The six week session block is designed to help children build on the skills they develop each week, through one hour long sessions with our fully trained Speech and Language specialists. Studies have repeatedly found that music is a wonderful tool in encouraging children to communicate regardless of your child’s ability.

Parents who attend our Chat n Bop sessions also find it a wonderful bonding experience with their child and other parents:

“We absolutely loved the Chat n Bop sessions with ChatterBug. They were friendly & fun and I really feel that Suzannah benefited from them”.

How can Chat n Bop help your child?

The Chat n Bop sessions aim to boost communication development by focusing on the following key skills:

    ♬ Vocabulary

    ♬ Eye contact

    ♬ Social skills

    ♬ Attention and listening

    ♬ Rhythm and rhyme

    ♬ Motor skills

    ♬ Self esteem and confidence

Horsforth Children's Centre, Broadgate Primary School, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5AF
*More locations coming soon!*

Price: £30 per 6 week course
Autumn Term; 6-week course beginning Thursday 7th November 2019
Spring Term; 6-week course beginning Thursday 9th January 2020

Interested in learning more about how music can help your child's speech development? Click here!

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