ChatterBug specialises in speech and language therapy for children, working with playgroups, schools, community groups and families. Our dynamic social enterprise takes a flexible, innovative approach to communication difficulties, providing vital support for children, as well as parents and teachers.

We understand the challenges that communication problems can pose for an individual at home and at school. We’re also well aware that not all families are able to afford high quality therapy. That’s why our qualified team of speech and language therapists offer a full range of services to assess, diagnose and treat children from all walks of life.

Working With Schools

Giving every child the support they need is difficult in a busy school environment. Yet some children require a little extra support to progress to the next stage. ChatterBug helps schools across the UK create supportive communication environments, to ensure that your students receive the attention they deserve.

Whether you’re concerned about meeting your OFSTED goals or you need to train staff to help individual students, ChatterBug provides a flexible service shaped around the education sector.

Supporting Parents
And Individuals

Communication is central to everything we do. It affects who we are, how we learn, how we interact with other people at home, at school, and at work. Children with good speech, language and communication skills find it easier to learn in school and develop friendships. Children with communication difficulties struggle to express themselves and participate in daily life often feeling frustrated and experiencing poor self esteem. Speech and Language Therapists have specialist skills and will work closely with you and your child to breakdown barriers to communication.