Online Telehealth Speech and Language Therapy: What is it and Where to Begin?

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Speech development plays such an important part in a child’s ability to learn and grow. Individuals with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) can face many long-term disadvantages in life, so it is important to get the necessary support to help with speech and communication development.

The consequences of COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions has resulted in many people not getting the medical help or Special Education provisions that they normally would receive. However, ChatterBug has evolved to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19 to ensure that the vital speech therapy services we provide could continue.

What is Telehealth?

Due to the restrictions on delivering therapy face-to-face, we have developed COVID-19 secure alternatives such as online courses and our Telehealth sessions, which have proven to be very effective. Telehealth is the provision of tailored therapy support through a virtual platform, which involves video call sessions. This has proven to be a very successful alternative to face-to-face sessions, as you still receive the benefits of building a good relationship with your therapist whilst eliminating potential risks posed by the pandemic. It also means that individuals who don’t have access to speech and language services in their area can find the support they need.

Since the start of lockdown, we have delivered over 8525 therapy sessions, working with schools as well as directly with individuals with SLCN. From our sessions, 97.38% of people rated their session as 5/5, which shows just how useful these sessions have been during this challenging time.

Our Services

Our team of highly qualified therapists are education experts and registered members of the Health Care Professionals Council. We work with teachers and SENCo’s to provide the following services:

● Online Telehealth sessions
● Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
● Audits and training programmes for schools
● Staff training and modelling sessions
● Transition Groups for year six students
● One-to-one and group therapy sessions
● Initial assessments
● Reviews
● Assessments
● Medico-legal assessments and reports

ChatterBug has received glowing praise from teachers for the work we have delivered to support individuals with SLCN, particularly during a time where many other types of support services have had to be put on hold. We have used our years of experience in the education field to ensure we could provide the same excellent quality of services through this new solution.

This is some of the feedback we have received so far:

“We are extremely lucky to be able to work with you and receive your invaluable sessions for our children.”

“The telehealth sessions have been amazing and engagement from pupils has been really positive. The partnership our therapist has with myself and the team is invaluable and what she has given to our school has supported our successful first year. Many thanks to your whole team for managing this time so well.”

We are so pleased that our services have been invaluable to so many schools and children and this has really emphasised how important it is to provide this essential support throughout the pandemic and beyond, so that children do not miss out on support for a long period.

If you would like to find out more about our Telehealth services and the benefits of working with us, enquire more information here.

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