A School’s Guide to ChatterBug’s Speech and Language Therapy Services

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At ChatterBug, we provide speech and language therapy interventions and support to schools through a variety of expert led services. We continue to seek ways in which we can make a difference in the lives of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

We work alongside SENCos, teachers and other school staff to develop effective interventions for children that have speech and language difficulties.

We have a firm understanding of school environments, curriculum, and OFSTED requirements and therefore can adapt our services and provide guidance and support to help schools achieve their specific educational goals. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of different speech problems and we draw upon our years of speech therapy experience and our specialist qualifications to identify the best solutions for each individual child. This drive further inspires our innovation to create more readily available and accessible resources, including our range of training courses which aim to support education and childcare professionals in a variety of seeing ensuring that they are equipped to support existing pupils with their speech problems and also have the skills and knowledge to help future students with their speech and language difficulties.

Here is a bit more detail on what we provide and how we benefit schools and pupils:


Telehealth Sessions

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, traditional therapy sessions have not been possible with lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures. However, we quickly recognised the need to provide an alternative therapy solution and the Telehealth platform was launched, which has been made available to all clients via an online platform throughout the current pandemic. This has enabled us to continue completing assessments and reviews, and delivering therapy sessions for our clients, as well as furthering our reach to other areas of the UK that previously have not been able to access our services. Telehealth ensures that our clients do not miss out on the support they need during these challenging times.

This has been a great success and a recent achievement as we have delivered 8525 sessions and have had amazing feedback for this innovative therapy service. You can enquire about our school telehealth services here.

Training Courses

At ChatterBug, we deliver a range of high-quality courses to enable teachers and SENCos to develop the confidence and skills required to help pupils with speech and language difficulties.

All training courses are unique and have been developed in-house by our Specialist Speech and Language Therapists who are experts in the field of education. We offer courses related to specific speech problems such as DLD and Selective Mutism, as well as more generic ones that focus on the actions to implement in schools to provide the best support framework for children with SLCN (Speech, Language and Communication Needs).

Our extensive range of courses are designed for supporting children of all ages, from toddlers through to high school pupils. We also offer bespoke courses, so if there is a specific area of working with pupils with speech and language difficulties that you would like us to deliver, this can be easily arranged.

Over the next few weeks and throughout 2021 we have some excellent training opportunities for teaching staff to develop key skills in supporting pupils with SLCN. The upcoming courses are:

Course name Dates Brief
How to Support Children with DLD 18/11/2020
1pm -3pm
This course provides a basic overview of Developmental Language Disorder including definition, characteristics and support strategies
Early Talk Boost 08/12/2020
9:30am – 3:30pm
Train to deliver Early Talk Boost; an evidence-based, targeted intervention
aimed at 3-4 year old children with delayed language development.
Colourful Semantics 27/01/2021
1pm – 3pm
This workshop aims to increase awareness of strategies that develop the comprehension and aid expression of children with Speech and Language Communication Needs.
ChatterBug Vocabulary Approach – Overview 26/02/2021
1pm – 3pm
This hands-on training provides an overview of the theory of vocabulary learning and how to implement this approach.
Social Communication Needs Workshop 26/03/2021
1pm – 3pm
This workshop provides an overview of Social Communication Needs of children, characteristics and strategies that can support children in the setting.


Ensure you secure your spot for our November training course: How to Support Children with DLD. This aims to provide basic understanding and support methods for Developmental Language Disorder, which is significant, on-going difficulties understanding and/ or using spoken language.


View our full list of training courses here!

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